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Customized Workshops That Kick-Start Your Team

Show leaders you care enough to invest in them individually, and your team will respond stronger than you can imagine.

One-on-one coaching is an intimate experience that helps you identify your goals and opportunities for growth. We offer personalized training throughout the process to get results tailored just right.

Our process and customization ensure your workshop is as impactful as it can be. We send materials & assessments in advance, shift content as gaps are uncovered throughout the workshop, and analyze results in a debrief call at the end.
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John Maxwell Workshops - Held In Your Own Conference Room

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Accelerating Teamwork
A one-day workshop that offers practical instruction on the value, description, and development of teamwork, equipping both team leaders and members to commit to the success of the team over self, resulting in improved interaction and real results.
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Becoming A 360° Leader
A one-day workshop that offers instruction on how to lead in every direction (up, down, and across), teaching practical skills for attendees to increase their influence in a positive way with not only their staff, but also colleagues, direct supervisors, and even senior management. This creates greater employee empowerment and productivity – and, therefore, positive results for the organization.
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Living the Laws of Leadership
A two-day workshop that provides a process for both understanding and living out the principles in John C. Maxwell's book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, resulting in exponential leadership growth for attendees, along with increased company revenue, employee effectiveness, and workplace harmony.
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The 5 Levels of Leadership
A one-day workshop that offers a practical framework for leadership development, teaching skills that equip leaders at any level to grow and become more effective, resulting in increased company revenue, employee effectiveness, and workplace harmony.
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5 Strategies to Win with People
A one-day workshop that provides practical instruction in assessing and improving people skills and relational chemistry with others, resulting in wins for individuals personally, relationally, and professionally. When team members work better together, this positively impacts an organization’s workplace environment, employee effectiveness, customer service, and the bottom line.
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Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style
A one-day workshop that guides teams through a proven process of understanding how each person can bring his or her very best instead of trying to conform to a preconceived definition of success. Leaders find the experience liberating and empowering because they get permission to be authentic.
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Culture-Shaping Communications
A one-day workshop that equips leaders with key Communication Essentials to achieve effective, day-to-day interactions that shape the culture of an organization. Communication only happens within a larger context in business—culture. After all, culture is built on relationships. Relationships are built on interactions. By intentionally understanding what culture is and the 4 Dimensions of Culture, the people in your organization can shape the culture you want through meaningful interactions.
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Safety Culture
A one-day workshop that equips leaders to take control of safety in any organization by creating a culture that encourages courageous action. The people-first approach connects the heart and hand, alternately striking emotional chords and challenging participants to embrace the privilege of ensuring everyone goes home safely every day. The full-day experience features our original paradigm—The 4 Stages of Healthy Safety Culture, engaging case stories, and safety scenarios for active discussions to help participants apply what they learn right away.
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(Know What You’re) FOR
A full-day, hands-on experience that equips leaders with the tools and understanding they need to grow an organization through purpose and profit. It guides participants to identify and close the gaps between what they want to be known FOR and what they actually are known FOR, by both their customers and team.
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Inclusive Leadership
This half-day workshop is for every leader who wants to: better understand what it really means to be an inclusive leader, enhance an already existing inclusive leadership culture, or reap the full benefit found in highly diverse teams. The value and benefit of having a highly diverse team can only be realized with a culture of inclusiveness. When someone feels safe and welcome, they do not feel the need to cover their identity or, worse yet, take on the identity of the leader. Teammates feel free to be themselves.
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