Leadership Consultant

John Nahorny

John Nahornyj has over twenty-five years of experience as an internal consultant at Ford Motor Company. Designing and supporting the implementation of high-performance workgroups in a union environment based upon lean principles, leadership and workforce alignment, standardized processes, and targeted training at Ford's Cleveland Engine Plant, resulting in new work and a future for 2000 employees. John is President of Tanso Consulting Team, Inc., offering solutions for needs assessment, union/management alignment, customized training, sustainable lean culture development, and process confirmation. - John is working with several suppliers to the auto industry as their resident engineer/representative at Ford Motor Co. - John also represents Integrale Consulting USA, offering a full array of services to the automobile industry such as Engineering (Process Analysis and Improvement, Vision Systems, Process Design), Quality (Quality System support, Quality event management, Containment/Sorting), Culture (Leadership Development, Training, Work Team Development), Production System Implementation and Improvement. Specialties: Lean, values-based culture development in a unionized environment. Systems approach organizational transformation. Effective training development and delivery focused upon business results.